Let’s make it! – Die Zukunftswerkstatt Kultur- und Wissensvermittlung e.V. auf dem Bibliothekartag in Bremen und das sind unsere Gäste – heute Tara Radniecki

16. April 2014 at 20:41 1 Kommentar

In diesem Jahr dreht sich bei der Zukunftswerkstatt alles um das Thema “Neue digitale Arbeitswelten”. Unsere Schwerpunkte sind “Raum und Akustik im multimedialen Zeitalter” und die “Maker Space”-Bewegung in Bibliotheken. Zu diesen Themen wird es einiges zu entdecken und auzuprobieren geben auf unserer 300 m² großen Aktions- und Spielfläche. Ganz besonders freuen wir uns auf die Vorträge und Workshops unserer Gäste. Heute stellt sich Tara Radniecki hier vor. Tara arbeitet als Engineering Librarian in der  DeLaMare Science & Engineering Library der Universität von Nevada in Reno und wird am Mittwoch und Donnerstag (4. / 5. Juni) aktiv mit dabei sein bei uns. Am Donnerstag wird sie z. B. über die „Auswirkungen der Maker-Kultur auf wissenschaftliche Bibliotheken“ sprechen. Wir freuen uns auf Tara – jetzt lassen wir sie aber erstmal selbst zu Wort kommen.

“Hi my name is Tara Radniecki and I’m so excited to be one of the Zukunftswerkstatt guests at the upcoming Bibliothekartag 2014 conference in Bremen. I am currently the Engineering Librarian at the DeLaMare Science & Engineering Library at the University of Nevada, Reno where we push the boundaries of traditional academic librarianship and encourage our users to go beyond the class assignment to make their own successful learning experiences.
I’ve been invited to speak about Delamare’s makerspace, which is unique for academic libraries in its makerspace mentality, connection to local collectives and hackerspaces, and fostering of innovation and entrepreneurship. I will talk about how this small library was transformed from a quiet, empty building into a full, vibrant knowledge center at the heart of campus. How technology and making were at the core of that transformation and what tools, toys, resources, services, and making-inspired events we provide. The effect on student learning and faculty engagement and success has been overwhelmingly positive and made the library a vital and valued partner in the science and engineering departments.

Tara Radniecki

Tara Radniecki

I will also focus on what I think is ultimately more important than the technology itself – embracing the maker culture in an academic setting. Not every library will be able to finance an expensive 3D printer or have the room for woodworking tools. But making isn’t just expensive printers and robotics, it’s a culture that encourages inclusiveness, learning, innovation, resource and knowledge sharing, creativity, problem solving, and collaboration. I argue that many of these have long been at the core of academic libraries.
For centuries, academic libraries have prided themselves on being the heart of the university. Yet, if we continue to simply cling to content provision and how to access that content we will not only lose our honored place in higher education, but our very existence. I cannot foresee the future, but if the IT department can begin managing electronic journal subscriptions and students can find comfy chairs in the student union, why will the university continue to fund our existence? And which students would be at our defense if they threatened to close our doors? A mind shift towards making and innovation can keep the academic library a vibrant and necessary component of the learning experience in our universities. The academic library is not just a quiet space or an information warehouse, it can and should be the place where our students find their passions and make their futures.“

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